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MWM Dexter is committed to preserving our environment, our community and our world. We are proud to be an eco-friendly printer who recycles 98% of our waste paper, inks, washes and plates.
Recycling is a key concept of modern waste management practices and is the third of three R's: 
  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

None of these are new practices at MWM Dexter. MWM Dexter has been recycling waste materials produced by the printing process for more than 20 years.
We are constantly seeking ways to reduce waste but no matter how much we reduce, waste is part of the printing process. In an attempt to reduce our footprint on the environment, we focus on three key elements of recycling: paper, eco-friendly press solutions and inks, and aluminum.

Each week we collect and bundle approximately 40,000 pounds of paper for recycling. To put perspective on exactly how much that is, we can fill about 26 tractor trailer loads to capacity for the recyling center during the year! Our recycling efforts have likely saved tens of thousands of trees over the years. 


Over 100 aluminum lithoplates are collected and recycled each week for recycling.  We also recycle press solutions, shrink wrap and stretch film, plastic strapping, and cardboard.

Other Green Practices include:

  • Using Low VOC chemicals in print production
  • Choosing paper suppliers who practice sustainable forest management
  • The use of only soy-based inks
  • Bio-degradable, water-based aqueous and varnish coatings
  • FSC Certification


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