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Important Questions To Ask Your Printer

Because we’re not just a printer – we’re your printing partner, we want to do more than just print your project. It’s important that we understand what the goal of your printed piece is. Making sure that all of the details surrounding your project are completely clear and understood by everyone involved is also important. Once we understand your project completely, we can help ensure it is the right printed piece to get you the best results possible and that your project will pass through production seamlessly.   Below are some questions that should be resolved prior to beginning production of any printed project:

  • What is the goal of the printed piece?
  • How will this piece be distributed?
  • Is there a specific distribution date associated with this piece?
  • When does the printer need my files?
  • What are the requirements for preparation of electronic print files?
  • Once the delivery date has been established, when should I expect a color proof?
  • Does my project need to color match an existing printed piece?
  • What kinds of stocks are available – and what are the most cost effective choices I can make?
    Does my project need to be shrink-wrapped or require any other special packaging that could require additional production time?
  • Does my project – or part of my project – need to be distributed via direct mail? Or via a fulfillment program?
  • How does the shape, size and weight of my product impact postage distribution costs?
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