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Project Checklist

Before production on your project can begin, we’ll need to receive the following information:checklist_sm.jpg

  • A signed quote form or Purchase Order that contains project critical information including size, quantity to print, print cost, mail quantity – if applicable – and any other project specific information necessary to successfully produce your project.

  • Artwork – electronic art under 10 MB may be submitted via email. Larger files should go through our ftp site.

  • Color Samples – when color is critical, we recommend you submit a color accurate sample for our review.  This sample can be compared with the files you submit to ensure the printed piece is what you expect.

  • Folding Samples – when your project includes a fold, it’s a good idea to send a folded sample for our production team to review.  This will ensure the panels of your project are where you expect them to be on the finished piece.
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