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Mailing Services

MWM Dexter offers you a fast and affordable way to easily and quickly mail your printed projects.  From postcards and brochures to complete marketing campaigns, MWM Dexter gives you the convenience of one stop printing and mailing.  And you’ll save the time and expense of shipping the product to a third party mail house for mail preparation.

Mailing Services include the following specifications:
1)      Import your list from a disk or email
2)      Removal of duplicate addresses so you only pay for what you mail
3)      CASS certification ensures the addresses contained in your list are valid
4)      Postal presort gets you the most automated postage rates possible
5)      Inkjet addressing
6)      Drop off at the post office

These prices are based on single piece mail processing with a minimum of 200 pieces being mailed.

  • Mailing lists should be formatted in Excel or submitted as an ASCII delimited file.
  • Production time for mail piece preparation is 1-3 business days based on quantity mailing.
  • Post office mailing time: FIRST CLASS 1-3 business days; STANDARD CLASS 10-15 business days.


Other services available include:
1)      Inserting
2)      Single Tabbing
3)      Double Tabbing
4)      Processing and delivery to Bulk Mail Centers (for saturation mailings)
5)      Move Update (NCOA) certification


Ordering Process for Mailing Services

When creating your printed product, be sure your design meets postal guidelines and includes the appropriate indicia (bulk mail permit box).   You can download a standard or first class indicia from the links at the bottom of this page. This indicia can only be used on your mail pieces if MWM Dexter is processing and mailing your product form our facility.  If you’re not sure about mailing guidelines the USPS offers assistance at www.USPS.com .

Email a low resolution PDF file that contains your artwork to your Printing Consultant. Our mail experts will review your design and confirm your design is mailable. Please include a phone number in your email in case we need to contact you via telephone.

To get estimated postage for your mailing, just contact one of our print and marketing professionals directly. We do ask that mailing services and postage amounts be prepaid prior to your mailing drop date.  Once we have processed your mailing list, we’ll let you know the actual postage amount due which can be paid by check, credit card or electronic funds transfer.

Additional Charges
When mailing brochures, our mailing services include one frosted tab per letter folded piece. Since additional fees may apply to brochure products with other folding methods, please review pricing on the appropriate brochure product landing page. Mailing service for the greeting card product includes either insertion of the cards into the ordered envelopes or one clear tab on a self-mailing card.

Additional charges apply for the following options:

  • Mail List Merging Services: $35 per additional file imported
  • Returning Overruns: $25 handling fee + UPS Ground shipping charges for returned overruns
  • Special Mail List Programming: $55 per hour for extra programming needed to process a mail list that does not meet our mail list guidelines. Note: minimum fee is $35.
  • Customer supplied Labels for Mail Piece: $0.085 per label per piece
  • Inkjet Indicia: $0.035 per piece if the indicia is not included in the print file
  • Single Tabbing: $40 per 1,000 folded pieces (one frosted tab per piece)
  • Double Tabbing: $80 per 1,000 folded pieces (two frosted tabs per piece)
  • Hand Sealing:  $30 per 1000 pieces
  • Hand Inserting:  $50 per 1000 pieces
  • Machine Inserting: $17 per 1000 pieces
  • Split Mailing Fee: $75 per drop to split a larger mailing order into multiple drops at different drop dates.
  • Storage:  For a small fee, you can reduce your printing budget by producing multiple mail pieces at one time. We’ll store your print pieces for future mail deployment for up to 6 months for only $10 per pallet per month. 


MWM Dexter's Postal Indicia's

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