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Helpful List Tips

You already have valuable information about your current customers. Use your sales records to gather names, addresses, and other information about your customers. This information will be the key to creating targeted, effective messaging.

How Do I Build a List?

  • Ask your customers to sign a guest book – either in your store, office or on your webpage.
  • Develop a frequent buyer program and ask customers to sign up for the program.
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Collect important information from customers when they purchase from you.


Can I Buy A List?
Sure.  Mailing lists are available for purchase or rental from a variety of list brokering sources, chambers of commerce and even trade publications.  But be cautious – not all list brokers are equal. Choosing the right list is the single most important factor to ensuring the success of your campaign. Ask a few good questions to be sure the list you’re paying for is current, relevant and suited for your needs.

  • Ask how the list firm gathered the names and addresses you’ll be using.
  • Find out when the list was created and how often it is updated.
  • Create a profile of the kinds of buyers you want to target with your mailing and make sure the list fits your profile.

Remember, the more specific you are with demographics of the list you’ll rent, the more targeted and effective it will be – but the more specific you are, the more the list costs, also. Make sure to weigh the benefits of a highly defined list with the costs associated and get the right list for you.



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